Chrome Capital delivers the dream of riding a Harley® without the long term commitment to a traditional loan.

We are Big Bike guys. Our partners are Big Bike guys. Sure, we have a couple of straightlaced corporate types in the crew, but they're OK in our book. Smart guys who love the thrill of Harleys.

In 2010 we were trying to figure out how to get more riders on more bikes at rates and terms that delivered the Harley experience without the 'marriage' contract typically found with traditional financing.

We discovered dealers had plenty of guys (and gals!) who love to ride but who found it to be a stretch to make a 5, 6, or 7 year loan commitment. Most riders indicated that when it came time to upgrade at year 3 in their love affair, they were either upside down on the bike or it was just too damn expensive to consider making a change. So, we developed TestRide®, an authentic lease, exclusively for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that gets you riding today.

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Go see your local Harley-Davidson® dealer, and ask about TestRide®. We get you on the open road today!

Ride On®.